Software Architecture of atm machine

Warm Trends in the Software Development Industry

Software Development Life Cycle-The software development industry is active. From time to time, new changes in software development are incorporated which makes this industry powerful. There used to be a period when more and more individuals prefer job options in the THAT sector. In those days, the role of software developer or engineer gained significance. In those times, especially in the software industry there was clearly limited number of systems. Java, C++ were common during those times. Situations are different nowadays. Chronologically, many new technologies came into living. These include Ruby, Python, Aim C. Learning a few computer languages does not make one ready for the job market, except if one acquires some extra skills. Software Architecture of atm machine


In recent times, mobile or mobile phone has become an indispensable part of an person. It can be used for communication. Nowadays, the businesses across the world, develop websites which are mobile friendly. With the increase in popularity of IOS and Android based mobile phones, companies around the globe seek the services of specialists who will be expert in iphone app development. Research reveals that employers of corporate companies often hire professionals who have sufficient exposure in mobile software development.

Huge data

IT companies work with big data. They acquire huge amount of data for that purpose. When it comes to handling or organizing the data chances are they find it really difficult to do so. Among the hot trends in the application development industry, from the employer’s perspective is the requirement of data analyst, data scientist, computer system analyst. Those who are directly associated with the THAT industry, to them, working with data becomes prerequisite.


Software containers-Often we as computer or mobile online users are likely to save important documents in the storage devices including the cloud safe-keeping device. The good thing about using cloud storage to save data is that you can safely choose to open fire other hardware where the same data has been stored. The cloud technology introduces the necessity to hire data scientist and cloud security professionals. The mobile devices along with the fog up technology allows us to seamlessly access data, either for personal use or for professional purposes. With the proliferation of cloud technology there is an increase in the demand for employees who are skilled in cloud computing, cloud security.

Software Development

The particular IT companies are seeking to bridge the gap between the developers and the operations. This is with the aim to serve the clients, customers in a much better way. The Software engineers are incredibly much in demand. These experts allow a business to link the gap between designers, businesses and thereby help in the delivery of quality products or services to the customers.

UI engineers

In software development, both front-end and after sales development are equally important. The companies feel the need to hire UI technicians who can help in the creation of consumer concentrated mobile and web applications. The UI engineers play an important part in a software development company as more and more THAT companies are creating software that is user-friendly and intuitive.

However, some of the other hot styles in the software development industry include the device mesh, ambient user experience, 3D-printing materials, information of everything, advanced machine learning, autonomous agents and things, adaptive security architecture, superior system architecture, mesh software and service architecture, internet of things architecture and platforms to name a few.

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